Frequently Asked Questions


So what does Click Smart do exactly?

We handle every aspect of doing business with Amazon on your behalf so that you don't have to. Think of us as a bolt-on addition to your sales and marketing team that focuses exclusively on Amazon. 

Does Click Smart have its own store on Amazon?

No, we don't. We act as your company's agent to so that you get the benefits of selling directly to Amazon (as a vendor) or selling directly on Amazon (as a seller) without the hassle of having to do all of the work yourself.

How can we tell if our company is a good fit for working with Click Smart?

An ideal partner is a company that has the following characteristics;

  1. Has great products that are already selling well in other channels (grocery, natural, drug, etc.)

  2. Views success on Amazon as an important part of their overall sales strategy.

  3. Sees the wisdom in selling their products directly (not through third-party distributors) on Amazon.

  4. Would rather not hire additional employees to work on growing Amazon

What kind of sales (increase) can we expect on Amazon after hiring Click Smart?

This is the million-dollar question. There's no cookie cutter answer here. It really depends on what your product's current situation is.

If your product isn't currently being sold on Amazon but has good sales potential, expect small-ish sales numbers for the first few months with the possibility of big sales numbers in the medium to long term. Remember that Amazon is a very different sales channel than say, Whole Foods or Walmart. With big box, multi-location retailers like those guys, your first P.O. may be a full truckload (or two or three). This is because they need to stock your product on the shelves of hundreds of physical locations. 

When starting out on Amazon, your first order may only be a handful of cases. This is because Amazon doesn't make any 'bets' on what will sell and what won't. They'll only order what they can sell in 1-2 weeks. So if your product is just starting out on Amazon and is only selling 18 units per week, don't expect truckload orders. Having said that, there are product lines that go from zero to $1,000,000 in sales on Amazon in the first 12 months. It all depends.

If your product is currently being sold on Amazon, then it really depends on a number of factors including the product's current sales velocity, how well optimized the Amazon listing is, how orders are being fulfilled (by Amazon or by you), what the price is, etc. We're pretty sure that your products aren't already 'maxed out' on Amazon and that we can get serious sales increases for you. Let's be honest. If your Amazon business were already running at full tilt, then you wouldn't be here checking us out.

Should my company be an 'vendor' to Amazon or a 'seller' on Amazon?

(If you don't know the difference, don't worry. We can explain. Contact us.)

Whether or not you should sell your products as a 'vendor' or as a 'seller' depends on a number of factors, such as;

  • What types of products you sell

  • What payment terms you can accept

  • Whether or not you have a MAP policy

  • PO lead time constraints

We work on both the Seller Central and Vendor Central platforms.

How does Click Smart promote my products on Amazon?

We take a comprehensive approach to promotion. The first thing that we do is to ensure that your Amazon listings are optimized to their fullest. Then, we drive interested buyers to your products using Amazon's suite of promotional tools.